Archive E.P #2 - Digital Download

Archive E.P #2 - Digital Download


Previously a tour exclusive hand made CD, Archive E.P #2 is now available for the first time as a digital download.

The EP includes two previously unheard songs (Serpentine, The Matador), a beautiful live recording of This Weather (recorded at the Fríkirkkan Reykjavík), the electronic roots of To The Lighthouse in The Lighthouse and a cover of Patti Smith's My Blakean Year.

The EP's cover portrait is an out take from the Sundark & Riverlight artwork by Saga Sig, with an EP booklet featuring lyrics and track notes by Patrick.


Track listing:

1. My Blakean Year (Patti Smith cover recorded for MTV 2011)

2. Serpentine (Sundara & Riverlight outtake)

3. This Weather (Live in Reykjavik)

4. The Lighthouse (Year 2000 To The Lighthouse demo)

5. The Matador (Recorded 2003)

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